Exkursion: »Vor Schand und Noth gerettet«?!

Findelhaus, Gebäranstalt und die Matriken der Alser Vorstadt

Bezirksmuseum Josefstadt, Schmidgasse 18, 1080 Wien

The project members plan to visit the special exhibition about the former foundling homes in Vienna. Unfortunately the trip to the museum had to be postponed due to the current covid-19 restrictions.

The establishment of foundling homes in many European cities should help prevent child murders and reduce child mortality. At the same time, population policy intentions were pursued - also in Vienna's Alser suburb. In the course of its existence from 1784 to 1910, the foundling house, located from 1788 at Alserstraße 23, took in around 750,000 children and placed them in care places in the country. The majority of these children were born in the building that was located on the site of the former hospital and were then baptized in the parish of Alser Vorstadt.

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Geburt und Geburtshilfe im 21. Jahrhundert

VHS Wiener Urania

Postponed due to covid-19-restrictions!
18:00 – 19:30 Uhr
Kurt Kriz


What are the most significant advances in modern medicine in this area?

What are the implications of the latest developments in obstetrics and pregnancy care? How has the view of childbirth changed in the western world in the 21st century?

The lecture gives an overview of modern practices and shows possible complications and birth injuries that could be prevented through the use of surgical delivery. Using the example of the situation in Uganda, it is shown what consequences women have to suffer due to inadequate and sometimes medieval care during childbirth.


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